Friday, 5 February 2010

Specialist tools used for Bushcraft

Specialist tools used for Bushcraft...
Some of the more specialised tools used in bushcraft are quite unusual in appearance and at first glance seem to be misshapen.
The hook shaped tool is commonly known as the spoon knife and is bent into a hook shape before heat treating and is shaped like this so the user can carve the bowl portion of spoons and bowls.
The small knife is a specialy designed carving knife and is ued for very fine carving and is made very strong so it can withstand the hard ue of a work tool.
The knife in the pictures that looks all bent and out of shape is in fact called a Crooked knife and it origionates from north america it was a craft tool used by native american indians .
the crooked knife is used as a draw knife that means that you pull the knife towards you when cutting.
its main used are for carving all manner of usefull impliments such as canoe paddles, bowls, spoons, and most craft projects.
As with all cutting tools take care !!!


  1. That's a nice looking crooked knife. How'd you make it/where'd you get it?

  2. i got the blade from a chap on the ukblade forum called fgyt and i made the handle

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